Tristan Stutzman(non-registered)
I miss you and your fancy ass socks. That shit was tight yo. When are you going to fly back and hug me? I need you.
Dear Brad,
It's me Aron Barr. Maybe you focus on photography instead of technology. Also when I was young a DBA mugged me and that is why I hate them so much. I wish I could eat a bear sometime, maybe when I kill one with my bare hands you can fly back and we can share bear steaks over and open fire.
Henry Herbertson(non-registered)
Nice pictures, you need more pictures of feet though. And maybe some Swedish people.
Brad, I only now came accross your website and I'm blown away. I would hire you as a photorapher any time. Keep up the good work. A
Conor Mullen(non-registered)
Skills to pay the bills Brad - great images and excellent compositions - you've got lighting on lock down and your timing is impeccable - your love for photography and your kindly demeanor pour out of the work. Maybe you'll let me grab a six pack n pick your brain next time I'm CO side. Take care homie, n keep it up! - C
Michelle Perkins(non-registered)
loved seeing all the new pics. I am again impressed with your talent in capturing the moment and making you feel almost as if you were right there! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with all of us.
Brittaney Bales(non-registered)
HEY! Love the website and all the new pictures. Had to take a peek at all the wedding pictures, again. I haven't seen them in a while!!! Anyway, love all the new stuff.
Katie & Zach(non-registered)
Brad you're an amazing photographer and your photos rock! I hope one day we can work on something together!!!! Oh and hi meggy....
Andrew ''chuck'' Ellbogen(non-registered)
Dude, your photography progressed so much in the past few years! Stellar, all of them.
Meghan Smith(non-registered)
I am so glad to see all your hard work has paid off. You have created an amazing website; professional and user friendly. You truly are incredibly talented. I love you and am in awe of this amazing collection of your photographs. Bravo sir Bravo :-)
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